Pitch FAQS

Insider tips for pitching to HPVP.

Our Ideal Startup


Located in the Mid-Continent or connection back to the Mid-Continent 


Raising 1st or 2nd institutional capital round: Seed: ~$100K+ ARR Series A: ~$1M+ ARR


Tenacious leadership with previous startup experience and deep domain expertise


High growth and attractive market size with a demonstrated go-to-market strategy


Beyond proof-of-concept stage, with fast growth and low customer churn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in partnering with Hyde Park Venture Partners? Learn more about what we look for in potential investments by checking out our FAQs below or contacting us directly. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Am I ready to raise capital?

The biggest indicator of readiness to raise money are the revenue benchmarks that your company has achieved. We invest in companies beyond the ideation phase with early traction for seed investments and significant growth for Series A investments.

What’s the best way to contact HPVP?

The best way to contact us is through the website contact form, or email our Vice President, Jackie:  jackie@hydeparkvp.com.

What information should I send when I contact HPVP?

An initial executive summary, along with an investor pitch deck and key revenue growth milestones would be very helpful to kick off the conversation.

At what stage does HPVP typically invest?

We invest in the first or second round of institutional capital – often called Seed and Series A – when companies are raising $500,000 to $5,000,000. Companies we invest in typically already have both a commercial product in the market and paying customers.

What kinds of companies does HPVP invest in?

We focus on tech companies based in the Mid-Continent. More specifically (but not exclusively), our portfolio is made up of software companies focused on sales enablement, marketing technology, big data, internet of things (IOT), and consumer technology and marketplaces.

What does HPVP look for in its investments?

Tenacious, resourceful, and responsive management teams who are solving big problems with great products.


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