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Mar14, 2016

Hyde Park Venture Partners, the leading early-stage technology venture capital fund in the Midwest, is recruiting a top-talent individual for the role of Analyst.

Strong candidates will have 1-3 years of consulting, M&A, strategy, or corporate development experience out of a first-tier undergraduate program and find intrinsic reward in an unstructured environment where individuals define their roles, own their actions and have outsized impact. If you are looking for a chance to “break into” venture capital, this is it! The Analyst will report directly to the investing team and be responsible for:

  • Sourcing of high-growth startups throughout the Midwest
  • Due diligence analysis of startups and technology markets
  • Managing and prioritizing portfolio needs
  • Portfolio and investor reporting


Candidate Interest: Direct candidate outreach and referrals for the position may be made to Guy Turner at guy@hydeparkvp.com.

About HPVP: Hyde Park Venture Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on software startups in the Midwest. With offices in Chicago and Indianapolis – and a network of advisors throughout the region – we invest in proven startups with talented management teams and fast growth. Our sweet spot is investing in B2B software and consumer marketplace startups. We take pride as a team in being tenacious, responsive, and impactful to all of our stakeholders: entrepreneurs, co-investors, and limited partners alike.

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