ShipBob Expands To Los Angeles, Bringing The Power of Amazon-Scale Logistics To Small Businesses Across The Country

Jul28, 2016

CHICAGO, July 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ShipBob announced today that it has entered the Los Angeles market. With this move ShipBob is now active in the three largest cities in the United States. Expanding to LA represents a significant step forward for ShipBob, whose mission is to provide the power of Amazon-scale logistics to small businesses everywhere.

ShipBob provides businesses with rapid, efficient, and affordable logistics and shipping. The company’s free online platform essentially serves as an outsourced logistics arm, enabling small businesses to grow without worrying about logistics infrastructure, shipping minimums, and contracts. Since participating in Y Combinator in 2014, the startup has grown by double-digits month over month and achieved operational profitability in both Chicago and New York.

Last month ShipBob raised $4 million in Series A funding led by Hyde Park Venture Partners (HPVP) to expand into new markets and continue developing its product. The expansion into LA marks ShipBob’s continued commitment to transforming the entire fulfillment lifecycle for SMBs across the U.S., and beyond.

“We started ShipBob after experiencing firsthand what a nightmare it is for small businesses to handle shipping and logistics,” said ShipBob cofounder Dhruv Saxena. “We have experienced overwhelming demand for our product in Chicago and New Yorkand are excited to bring ShipBob’s capabilities to the thousands of small businesses in Los Angeles, who can use our product to take the pain out of shipping and focus on what really matters—growing their business.”

Small businesses can spend 25 percent of their revenue on fulfillment alone. Before ShipBob, SMBs were forced to cobble together multiple products and services to handle fulfillment, which was not only difficult and expensive, but also rife with inefficiencies and errors. ShipBob solves this problem with a single end-to-end technology platform. It integrates with the most popular online ecommerce platforms so all merchants have to do when they make a sale is schedule a pickup, and ShipBob handles the rest.

ShipBob professionally packs items and optimizes savings for businesses by comparing USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL for the lowest shipping rate. Furthermore, the company will ship anywhere in the world and fill out all the necessary paperwork.  Merchants can even store their inventory in Shipbob’s warehouses across the country, and Shipbob will pick, pack, and ship the orders without any intervention needed from the merchant.

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About ShipBob
ShipBob’s goal is to make shipping effortless and efficient, businesses can skip standing in line at the post office and focus on what really matters in their business. Its online platform combines order management, inventory management, customer communication, as well as optimized shipping for eCommerce companies. The technology platform integrates into online e­commerce  platforms such as eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Magento,Woocommerce. Shipbob provides this technology platform for free so that any business can sign up and start using Shipbob’s online platform within minutes. ShipBob offers value-added premium services built on top of its platform, allowing it to capture some of the savings provided to its clients.

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