PartySlate Offers Pinterest-Style Inspiration for Events Professionals

Jun10, 2016

Pinterest is great, but not if you’re a party planner.

The visual log of floral bouquets, wedding table settings, and ballroom decor provides inspiration to those planning large scale events, but the actual events professionals behind these pretty pictures get lost in the endless repins and likes.

So Julie Novack, a former digital agency executive and veteran party planner, aims to streamline this process, through her just-launched website PartySlate. The site acts as a targeted Pinterest, connecting event planners with event professionals, such as caterers, venues, florists, and more. She hopes it can become the go-to organization and inspiration platform for the specialty events industry.

Here’s how it works. Events professionals upload high quality photos of their events or offerings to the PartySlate platform. Those photos are then sorted into the type of event (birthday, wedding, fundraiser, etc) and aesthetic tags, such as color. Users can browse and search photos, and when they find something they like, they click the photo and are taken the profile page of event professionals. People can save anything they’re interested in to various “slates,” or folders, for designated events they might be planning such as a gala or wedding.

Professionals “love the flexibility to show off their event space and their services in many different ways,” said Novack. “They can show not only weddings, but bat mitzvahs and galas, and they can tell a story about the full event.”

To provide further inspiration, a site editor highlights events professionals through blog posts that detail top luxury ballrooms and event decor companies.

Since the site went live four months ago, over 18,000 photos have been uploaded to the site and about 500 events professionals have registered on the site (about 330 have created profiles and uploaded photos). Novack just launched the platform to public users this week. Currently it is only launched in Chicago, and in the next six months PartySlate will go live in Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Julie Novack, founder of PartySlate

Julie Novack, founder of PartySlate

Novack, who previously worked at Razorfish and, planned over 50 events in her career, and was frustrated at how difficult it was to get connected to the event professionals that shared her vision for an event.

She noted that the site isn’t meant for small, DIY-type parties. It’s meant for professionals planning large scale events, such as weddings, milestone birthday parties, fundraisers, and galas. These require a different level of spectacle to be effective, she said.

“It really is a fact that these events can inspire people,” she said. “We say inspired events create inspired people, whether to create family memories or to launch a product.”

Novack, who was a member of the first cohort of WiSTEM, raised $1 million in funding from Hyde Park Venture Partners in 2015. PartySlate is pre-revenue, she said, and in the future they’re planning on making money through subscription with premium features for event professionals, and sponsored content. There are six people on their team, including Novack and her cofounder and CTO John Haro.

This article was written by Karis Hustad, Chicago Inno

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