Paradigm Tax Group Acquires TurboAppeal

May12, 2017

Paradigm Tax Group has officially announced the acquisition of TurboAppeal, a Chicago-based, leading technology firm that utilizes big data analytics and proprietary software solutions to help both commercial and residential real estate owners gain insight into their property values and automate the tax appeal process. Since the announced strategic partnership in August 2016, the two firms have replicated TurboAppeal’s already established residential product into a comprehensive solution for the commercial real estate market. The acquisition solidifies Paradigm Tax Group as the nation’s only technology-enabled property tax service and product solution for owners of both commercial and residential real estate.

“Through the convergence of a refined data curation process, TurboAppeal’s complex algorithms and Paradigm’s industry-leading subject matter expertise, we believe this acquisition will benefit not only our clients, but every owner of commercial and residential real estate across the nation,” said Mark Wanic, CEO of Paradigm Tax Group. “The addition of TurboAppeal to Paradigm will provide businesses and consumers alike with a holistic property tax solution previously unavailable in the industry.”

The combination of TurboAppeal’s technology and Paradigm’s ASCEND system will transform the way property taxes are managed. In addition, it will position Paradigm as the sole national provider of residential property tax appeals serviced with an automated appeal technology.

“We are ecstatic about the opportunity to join Paradigm Tax Group,” said Badal Shah, co-founder and CEO of TurboAppeal and now Chief Marketing Officer of Paradigm Tax Group. “We have always recognized Paradigm as the most forward thinking national property tax firm with the strongest value proposition in the market, and believe TurboAppeal’s capabilities will further strengthen Paradigm’s position.”

Paradigm Tax Group Chief Commercial Officer, Rob Foster, continued, “A core component of our strategy will be around empowering the commercial owner or responsible parties for commercial assets and homeowners with a level of data and analytics previously unavailable. Pre-and Post-Appeal Benchmarking Solutions, Pre-acquisition due diligence packages, and a highly automated appeal process for clients. Paradigm will become the standard for data and analytics in the CRE space specifically around property tax solutions.”

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