No More Clueless Meetings. Charlie Is a Virtual Assistant that Prepares Briefing Sheets on Every Meeting Attendee

Oct26, 2014

We’ve all been there, rushing into a meeting with someone we’ve never met, barely sure of their name let alone their professional background or personal interests. It’s a tough place to start a new relationship, and totally avoidable with a little prep. But we’re all busy. If only we were like the President, or anyone even half as important, who has an assistant prepare dossiers on each participant before every meeting.

Prepare to feel like the President.

Charlie is a virtual assistant app launching today that will make meeting prep a breeze. By connecting the app to your Google Calendar, it can automatically determine who you’re meeting with and will send you both a daily email summary to start your day as well as a more detailed one-sheet on each meeting an hour beforehand…

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