HPVP invests in SteadyMD, an online concierge medicine provider, alongside Pelion Venture Partners

Mar29, 2018

SteadyMD promo image

St. Louis based SteadyMD is a healthcare provider and technology company that offers ongoing, continuous, and dedicated primary care online. Patients develop a personal relationship with a doctor who provides long-term, preventative care tailored to their particular needs, interests, and conditions. HPVP was pleased to participate in a seed round led by Pelion Venture Partners.

The platform is designed to match patients with doctors that specialize in an area that meets their needs or interests. For example, if someone is an athlete specializing in weightlifting, the platform would match that patient to a doctor who has experience or skills related to lifting.

We’re excited to partner with you, SteadyMD!

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