Cincinnati Startup SQRL Raises $550K and Launches Document Reminder Service

Mar22, 2014

I’m especially fond of business ideas formed by real people, in the trenches, in real jobs, trying to solve real problems that immediately affect them. Seeing that the idea could benefit others and turn a profit as a startup at the same time makes it all the better. I don’t know, it just seems less sterile than a fleet of Ivy League MBAs building a business model around pure data crunching (also a viable and historically successful method too, I should add).

There’s a certain Cinderella mystique around four Ohio accountants, who, not wanting to waste valuable time calling and re-calling their clients on the phone to remind them of needed tax documents, came up with an idea for a better mouse trap…a document reminder service to do that work for them.

Enter Sqrl, which is launching today…

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