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Jan17, 2017

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably used TransparentMBA, and we hope you’ve gotten value from what we built a year ago as students.

We set out to solve a small, but annoying problem: we couldn’t find deep, granular compensation and culture data on companies we were interested in, based on people similar to us in experience and education.

To get a good sense of this data, we’d have to either:

  1. Painfully gather anecdotes, engaging in awkward conversations with peers who have worked at various companies, or
  2. Scrape together generic data from online sources and pray it was relevant to us. According to Glassdoor, a Product Manager at Amazon makes anywhere between $65,000 and $183,000 in salary. What a range. Where do I belong based on my experience and qualifications?
A salary range of over $120K is hardly useful for decision-making. Source: Glassdoor

So we built TransparentMBA — a free platform for MBAs to share and visualize job offer data. Our simple database of roughly 10,000 unique jobs across 5,000 companies has already helped users negotiate an additional $6.8 million in increased salary.

Today we announce our biggest milestone, and largest challenge, since then: the launch of our new platform, TransparentCareer, which will go live on Monday, January 23rd.

Turns out, the problems that frustrated us enough to forego our job offers to solve them (in Mitch’s case) and quit school (in my case) extended well past the MBA community. So TransparentCareer was built with personalization in mind, except now undergraduate students and MBA candidates, recent grads and experienced professionals can all leverage the product.

Check out some of the major changes below, and let us know if you have questions, comments, or feedback.

Now you can personalize every single data point

“Show me compensation for only full-time jobs in Chicago for people who obtained an MBA, and display by job function”

Filter by job attributes (location, full-time vs. internship) or people attributes (degree obtained, school)

(Even more) granular company and position data

“Let’s see compensation and average hours per week for full-time Product Managers at Amazon, working in Seattle, for those who obtained an MBA”

No more high-level averages or huge salary ranges. Based on my qualifications and location preferences, I know to expect a salary of ~$138K.

Automatically benchmark your pay

“Show me how my Google offer stacks up against other Business Development positions at Technology companies in San Francisco”

The benchmarking report stacks you up against your true peer group — your job function, industry, city, and personal attributes. We also display similar companies and job titles so you can dive deeper.
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