Amidst STEM Education Hype, NoRedInk Is on a Mission To Fix America’s Grammar Problem

Dec20, 2012

With the November elections right around the corner, education reform is a hot topic these days, thanks to a flood of reports indicating that the U.S. has fallen behind its peers on a number of educational fronts — from enrollment and high school graduation rates to achievement and teacher salaries. Diminishing interest (and performance) in STEM education, in particular, has prompted a billion-dollar movement to reform and improve science and tech programs in the U.S.

With STEM education reform now being touted as the key to America’s economic future, it’s easy to forget the other side. One recent national study, for example, found that only “one quarter of eighth and 12th graders are proficient in writing.” On top of that, College Board reported that reading and writing scores on the SAT hit record lows in the U.S. last year.

It’s this not-so-pretty picture of humanities education in the U.S. that led Jeff Scheur, a high school English teacher in Chicago, to create NoRedInk — an adaptive learning tool that aims to help students (and you) improve their writing and grammar skills. To help get students engaged, the startup works to personalize the learning process by generating custom curricula for students based on their interests, adapting feedback, tutorials and coaching to their particular abilities and allowing them to view problem areas in color-coded heat maps….

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