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ilos Videos is now VidGrid, on a mission to revolutionize communication with Interactive Video.


Since our inception in 2012, we have been focused on making video an accessible vehicle to communicate information. We have built a platform that makes it ridiculously simple to capture, edit, host, and share video. Our recording app empowers anyone to record screen, webcam, and voice. Editing is done in-app without bulky software downloads and processing time. Recorded videos are automatically uploaded to the platform and ready to share to anyone, anywhere, on any device, with a single click.

However, earlier this year, we dug deeper into how our customers were using videos in their workflows. We studied a myriad of use cases, including sales, marketing, customer support, customer success, corporate training, and education.

We found that there was a huge gap in how we – and all other video platforms – view video. Video is traditionally thought of a one-way, outbound medium, where a videographer conveys information to a viewer. But sending out the video is only half of the story.


To be truly interactive, a learner must be able to convey that he or she understands the material. A customer should be able to both ask for and receive help. A lead should be able to take the next step in the funnel after watching a video.

Video is intended to convey information, and the exchange of information is always two-directional. It is a fluid interaction with questions, suggestions, feedback, and expressions. We believe the most effective video technology helps to facilitate a conversation, not simply a lecture.


VidGrid is Video’s Most Interactive Platform. It is the first two-way video platform, where we not only support the video maker to create a video, but we also enable the end user to interact, respond, and contribute.


We have made three significant adjustments to our platform; all of which work seamlessly together to unlock a new experience of interactive video.


Two-way Capture: VidGrid not only allows the video maker to easily record their screen, webcam, and voice, but also empowers end viewers to capture videos that upload directly to the VidGrid user. Invite your students to record their new knowledge back to you, your irked customers to submit video support tickets, your happy customers to record video testimonials, and your leads to record product feedback.



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