Bringing payments up to speed in the logistics industry


With over 20 years of payment experience, the RoadSync team can help you eliminate check authorization calls and trips to the bank, improve direct billing collection time, and reduce fraud.

RoadSync is an easy to use and install application that accepts payments anytime, anywhere. We simplify fee collection and increase speed and security. RoadSync’s app reduces direct billing collection time and minimizes fraud. No need for check authorizations or trips to the bank. We simply offer the most reliable, trustworthy payment solution available for the logistics industry.

Managing Payments For:


Collect fees easily–including late fees & unloading charges–with RoadSync’s mobile app. Simple processing and acceptance for fleet checks and credit cards. No more trips to the bank to deposit funds. No more check authorization phone calls. Improved oversight and control.

Freight Handling

Collect fees anytime, anywhere with RoadSync’s mobile app. Quickly accept fleet checks and credit cards right from the unloading docks.  No more trips to the bank to deposit funds. No more check authorization phone calls. Easy money-handling—without the cash.

Other Service Providers

Let RoadSync handle payment logistics and process drivers’ payments automatically.  Improve revenue collection and decrease processing times.  RoadSync provides a simple, secure way to manage funds.

Repairs & Towing

RoadSync offers a completely mobile payment app. Accept Roadside payment for jobs on-the-go. No more dispatch phone calls. Just quick payment processing.




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