Getting to Know Jackie DiMonte

Jun29, 2016

Recently, we welcomed Jackie DiMonte to our team at Hyde Park Venture Partners. We are thrilled to have her joining us, and for the experience and enthusiasm she brings. Here’s a chance for you to get to know her better!


  • What is your hometown: 

Barrington, IL


  • Fun facts about growing up in Barrington:

Growing up, my family lived within a mile of my cousins’ and grandparents’ houses. We were always walking to visit each other during the summer and in the winters, we even had a set of walkie-talkies to catchup (pre-cell phone days!)


  • Tell us about your collegiate experience at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign:

I studied engineering at the University of Illinois which laid a great foundation for my career, developing quant and general problem-solving skills. I also TA’d for Illinois’ online math program leveraging different technology platforms. The most fun I had though, was cheerleading for the Fighting Illini – I learned a lot about team dynamics when I became captain my junior year.


  • Why did you pursue your MBA, and in what ways has it been worthwhile? 

At the most basic level, I wanted to complement my technical background. I wanted to have more control over my career and be equipped to pursue any opportunity as it came up. So far, it’s paid off! I met the folks here through a VC competition at Booth and the courses at Booth prepared me for the interview process.

  • What are some meaningful lessons you learned as a consultant with Accenture? 

Accenture was a great first job. I was able to get my hands dirty with enterprise IT software as well as project and team management. The experience with RFP management, software and services sales processes, and pricing negotiations has been helpful in understanding SaaS businesses.


  • What prompted your desire to get involved in the world of venture capital? 

I’ve always known I’ve wanted to work at the cross-section of technology and innovation. I joined Silver Spring Networks, a company that does IoT for critical infrastructure, to get closer to cutting edge technology. My favorite part was working entrepreneurs and students to integrate and develop our technology. I knew this was the right direction for my career but it wasn’t until this past year though that I knew I wanted to pursue VC specifically. I got a good taste during the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) where my team progressed to global finals (we won 3rd place and the Entrepreneur’s Choice Award). Then, I really confirmed my love for venture during an internship and knew this is what I wanted to do longer term.


Jackie DiMonte VCIC
Jackie DiMonte with her team at VCIC – winners of the Entrepreneur’s Choice Award.


  • What are you most excited for in your new role with Hyde Park? 

I’m excited for the opportunity to learn from the Hyde Park team. I’ve admired their focus and active involvement in the Midwest startup community and am looking forward to working alongside them.


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