Best Blog Posts of 2016

Dec16, 2016

Best Blog Posts of 2016


In 2016, the VCwithMe and CMOVC blogs have become a key way for us to share some of our experiences working in venture and alongside startups day-to-day. Our thoughts have been syndicating across the likes of SaaStr, Convince and Convert, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Mattermark, OpenView Labs, and Below are the most popular reads from our team this past year:

Never Hire People Without These 3 Characteristics
My most successful hires weren’t the ones who looked the best on paper… they were simply the best ones for the job. –Tim Kopp (Share this!)

Career Advice: Don’t listen to it, but if you must…
Career decisions lend themselves not to prescriptive advice but to frameworks that guide decisions. – Guy Turner (Share this!)

6 Tried and True Strategies to Becoming a SaaS Category Leader
Though the tactics might look different as you scale, the core strategies that each category leader utilizes are remarkably similar. – Tim Kopp (Share this!)

Illusions of Scale: Does 1×3 = 2, 3, or 4?
Scalability is often misused and misunderstood among startup investors and founders. – Guy Turner (Share this!)

The MUST Do’s to Revive Your Marketing Heartbeat
The overall health of your sales funnel can be tied back to this simple question: What are your conversion rates? – Tim Kopp (Share this!)

Cash-flow Breakeven: Controlling Your Own Destiny?
The funding environment you launch a startup into – and the cash burning or saving culture it breeds – changes a startup’s path indelibly. – Guy Turner (Share this!)

Demand Gen vs. Branding: Which is More Important?
It’s a warning sign if an early stage startup isn’t obsessive about demand generation. – Tim Kopp (Share this!)

Ethics of Failure and the Rule of Transparency
Transparency solves almost every ethical issue with investors and employees. – Guy Turner (Share this!)


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